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More than a decade ago the founders of 4 MFG, Inc. recognized the power of emerging computer technologies and the Internet as business tools.

Now more than ever before, our unique combination of a fully interactive E-commerce marketplace and dynamic sales networking techniques enables manufacturers, distributors, and commercial services companies, of all types and sizes, to dramtically increase their sales revenues while significantly reducing operating costs.

We invite you to continue your exploration of our business to business website and see how 4 MFG will help you overcome the challenges confronting all managers hoping to succeed in today's hypercompetitive economy.

Increase your productivity-without extending your day.

Imagine a productivity solution that simplifies everyday tasks, enables collaboration, allows you to do more from virtually anywhere, and empowers you with key insights into your business. 4 MFG can show you how Microsoft 365, can help you do more in less time.

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Grow your Business not your budget.

Twenty years ago “a rush order” meant overnight shipping. “After-hours” calls went to an answering machine. And a growth strategy was measured in years. Now business moves faster. Communication is immediate and 24/7. And innovation happens at lightning speed. It’s exciting anything is possible! Yet, it can also feel overwhelming—how can a small or medium business possibly keep pace?

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