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What's New in Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Pro gives you and your business the freedom to do great things. It works across all your devices so you can stay mobile, while allowing you to choose a device that fits your budget. It is focused on productivity to match your tireless pace. It has enterprise-grade security to safeguard your business data. And it can be managed with a light touch without heavy IT investment. Above all, it provides a familiar and productive experience-so your sole focus can be on doing great things. Learn more by clicking the here and found out how Windows 10 Pro can make your devices more productive.

Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport

Microsoft Passport is an easy to deploy two-factor password alternative that is accessible by using a PIN or Windows Hello, which provides enterprise grade security and supports fingerprint, facial, and iris based recognition.

Microsoft Passport also enables Windows 10 Mobile devices to be used as a remote credential when signing into Windows 10 PCs. During the sign-in process, the Windows 10 PC can connect using Bluetooth to access Microsoft Passport on the user's Windows 10 Mobile device. Because users carry their phone with them, Microsoft Passport makes implementing two-factor authentication across the enterprise less costly and complex than other solutions.

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